Studies on the Old Testament

By Frédéric Louis Godet



Of the six Studies contained in this volume, three—the History of Life, the Book of Job, and the Song of Songs—appeared some years ago in the Revue Chrétienne. They have been completely re-cast. Two of them—that on Angels, and that on the Four Greater Prophets—were published more recently in the Chrétien évangélique. These have not been much altered.

The essay on the Six Days of Creation is the only one hitherto unpublished.

The word Studies sufficiently expresses the reserve with which I make the assertions I do in this volume. I am not here preaching, but investigating. If God permit^ the second series, devoted to some New Testament subjects, will appear next year. The Studies in the present volume present themselves to my mind as so many avenues, at the far end of each of which there shines the sacred figure of the Christ.

Those which will form the contents of the second volume will lead the reader up directly to the Person of the Saviour.

To Him, by whom and for whom are all things, I would dedicate all that is contained in these pages.

F. G.


August, 1872.