Ransacking the Scriptures

By Keith Leroy Brooks

Chapter 15


A careful study of the Bible will show seven great judgments mapped out for human history, some of which have already fallen, others being yet future. Seven times man has or will start a new period under favorable conditions, according to the mercy of God, but each time, he is seen to strive to become independent of God's truth, and judgment from God's hand is necessary. The trial of the Serpent runs over every Garden of Eden man has made. Each dispensation is a new test of the natural man, and each one proves him a failure apart from dependence on God. Five of these unequal periods are past; the sixth is now in progress; the seventh and last is just before us.

The Seven Periods of Time

1. Age of Innocence From Adam (Gen. 2:7) to expulsion from Eden as result of the fall. The judgment that fell as a result of Adam's disregard of the responsibility placed upon him, is seen in . Gen. 2 and 3.

2. Age of Conscience (1656 years). From the expulsion to the flood. Having received knowledge of good and evil, the race came under this measure of responsibility to "do good and eschew evil." Yet eventually "all flesh corrupted His way" and God closed the period with the flood. (Gen. 3:7 to 7:11, 12, 23, etc.)

3. Age of Authority (427 years). Flood to confusion of tongues and dispersion. The race again started with eight persons, entrusted by God with the government. Again we see the attempt to become independent of God on the Plains of Shinar. and the visiting of the judgment. (Gen. 9:1, 2; 11:1-8.)

4. Age of Promise (430 years). From dispersion to Egyptian bondage. God entered into covenant with one man, Abram, giving promises conditional upon obedience. These were all eventually violated and the chosen people are turned over to bondage to the cruel Egyptians. (Gen. 12:1-3 through Exod. 1:13-14.)

5. Age of Law (1524 years). From Israel's regathering to the tragedy of the Cross. The chosen people were redeemed out of the hand of the oppressor and the Law was given to Moses for them. Their history from this point shows their persistent violation of these commands and eventually they are driven into the dispersion which still continues. (Exod. 19; 2 Kings 17:1-18 and 25:1-11; Rom. 10:5; Gal. 3:10.)

6. Age of Grace (19 years). From sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus to the translation of the church. Faith in Christ is the condition of salvation to all. (John 6:29.) The predicted close of this age is an unbelieving world, and church members, who, while they may live morally, deny the Word of God; in fact, a general apostasy. We see the close in 1 Thess. 4:16-17. Then follows the Great Tribulation (seven years Matt. 24:21-22; Dan. 12:1; Jer. 30:5-7). At its close the Lord with His church comes in power and great glory to set up Hii kingdom on earth.

7. Millennial Age (1000 years). From Christ's return in glory to Judgment of the Great White Throne. This is the thousand year period predicted during which Christ will rule over restored Israel, which has become the central nation of the earth. Satan is bound during this time, but at its close is "loosed for a little season," gathering many to battle against Christ, but being defeated by the "fire which came down from Heaven." After the resurrection of the wicked dead for judgment, we are to have the eternal state, the new heavens and new earth.