Ransacking the Scriptures

By Keith Leroy Brooks

Chapter 9


Old Testament

Book Writer Date Written
Genesis Moses (About 1500 B. C.)
Exodus Moses (About 1500 B. C.)
Leviticus Moses (About 1500 B. C.)
Numbers Moses (About 1500 B. C.)
Deuteronomy Moses (About 1500 B. C.)
Joshua Joshua (About 1425 B. C.)
Judges Samuel (About 1410 B. C.)
Ruth Unknown (About 1300 B. C.)
I. Samuel Uncertain, Samuel, Nathan or Gad (About 1155 B. C.)
II. Samuel Uncertain (About 1155 B. C.)
I. Kings Uncertain (About 560 B. C.)
II. Kings Uncertain (About 560 B. C.)
I. Chronicles Uncertain (About 1000 B. C.)
II. Chronicles Uncertain (About 530 B. C.)
Ezra Ezra (About 536 B. C.)
Nehemiah Nehemiah (About 445 to 448 B. C.)
Esther Uncertain (Mordecai) (464-434 B. C.)
Job (Moses, Elihu or Job) (During times of Abraham. Oldest Book in Bible)
Psalms David, Moses, Asaph, Ethan, Sons of Korah (1500-1000 B. C.)
Proverbs Solomon (990 to 995 B. C.)
Ecclesiastes Solomon (980 to 985 B. C.)
Song of Solomon Solomon (980-985 B. C.)
Isaiah Isaiah (766 to 679 B. C.)
Jeremiah Jeremiah (About 580 to 600 B. C.)
Lamentations Jeremiah (About 588 B. C.)
Ezekiel Ezekiel (About 570-590 B. C.)
Daniel Daniel (About 534 B. C.)
Hosea Hosea (790-725 B. C.)
Joel Joel (Either 860-850 B. C. or 400-380 B. C.)
Amos Amos (870-783 B. C.)
Obadiah Obadiah (900-880 B. C.)
Jonah Jonah (825-790 B. C.)
Micah Micah (758-710 B. C.)
Nahum Nahum (About 660 B. C.)
Habakkuk Habakkuk (608-590 B. C.)
Zephaniah Zephaniah (639-609 B. C.)
Haggai Haggai (About 520 B. C.)
Zechariah Zechariah (520 B. C.)
Malachi Malachi (440-410 B. C.)

New Testament

Book Writer Date Written
Matthew Matthew (A. D. 37)
Mark Mark (called John) (A. D. 57-63)
Luke Luke (A. D. 63-68)
John John (A. D. 85-90)
Acts Luke (A. D. 65)
Romans Paul (About A. D. 60)
I. Corinthians Paul (A. D. 59)
II. Corinthians Paul (A. D. 60)
Galatians Paul (A. D. 60)
Ephesians Paul (A. D. 64)
Philippians Paul (About A. D. 64)
Colossians Paul (About A. D. 64)
I. Thessalonians Paul (A. D. 54)
II Thessalonians Paul (A. D. 54)
I Timothy Paul (About A. D. 63)
II Timothy Paul (About A. D. 64)
Titus Paul (About A. D. 63)
Philemon Paul (A. D. 64)
Hebrews Probably Paul (About A. D. 65)
James James (A. D. 60)
I Peter Peter (A. D. 60)
II Peter Peter (A. D. 66)
I John Apostle John (A. D. 90)
II John John (A. D. 90)
III John John (A. D. 90)
Jude Jude (A. D. 66)
Revelation Apostle John (A. D. 96)