The Babylonian Talmud

By Translated by Michael L. Rodkinson

Book 10 - Volume 19

Volume I: History of the Talmud

Table of Contents

  Title Page
Chapter 1 The Origin of the Name "Talmud." the Samaritans. Antiochus Epiphanes. The Sadducees
Chapter 2 The Development of the Talmud during the Last Century of the Second Temple's Existence (I.E. The First A.C.) Shemaia. Abtalian. Hillel. Shammai. The Princes (Nasis) of Israel. R. Johanan B. Zakkal. Sanhedrin of Jamnia. The Jewish Christians
Chapter 3 He Destruction of the Temple. The Fall of Bethel. The Massacre of the Sages of the Talmud, Till the Writing of the Mishna in the Beginning of the Third Century
Chapter 4 The Third Century. The Arrangement of the Mishnas. The Talmudic Colleges of Palestine and Babylonia.
Chapter 5 The Talmud of Jerusalem, the Talmud of Babylonia, the Character of their Halakha and Hagada, the Dates of their Completion and their Systematization
Chapter 6 The Persecutions of the Talmud in the Persian and Byzantine Empires in the Sixth Century After the Close of the Talmud
Chapter 7 The Eighth Century. The Dominion of the Gaonim. The Opposition of the Karaites. The Establishment of a Sect of That Name
Chapter 8 Islam and Its influence on the Talmud
Chapter 9 The Victory of Karaism over the Spiritual Dominion of the Talmud and the Mind of the Jewish Nation. The Last Gaonim at Sura and Pumbeditha. The Centre of Talmudic Study Transferred from Mesopotamia to Spain, the Scholars of Kairuban. The Period of the Greatest Diffusion of Talmudic Study
Chapter 10 The Spanish Writers. A Brief Survey of their Writings Relating to the Talmud
Chapter 11 The Scholars of Germany and of Northern France, and what they Contributed to the Studies of the Talmud
Chapter 12 The Doctors of France. Authors of the Tosphoth
Chapter 13 Religious Disputes of All Periods
Chapter 14 Reuchlin, Pfefferkorn, and the Talmud in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Chapter 15 Polemics with Mussulmans and the Disputes with the Frankists
Chapter 16 The Persecutions of the Seventeenth Century, the Head of Whom Was Johann Andreas Eisenmenger
Chapter 17 The Polemics and the attacks upon the Talmud in the Nineteenth Century
Chapter 18 The Affair of Rholing-Block
Chapter 19 Exilarchs; the Talmud at the Stake and Its Development at the Present Time
  Appendix A.

Nos. 1 to 18 Contains Eighteen Explanatory Notes to the Text

No. 19 Contains an Extract of the Conclusion of Our Review to Dr. Kopf's Book, Mentioned in Text

No. 20 Contains a Translation of a Few Pages of Our Book, "Der Schulchan Aruch Und Seine Beziehungen Zu Den Juden Und Nichtjuden," Concerning the Trial before the "Landesgerichte," at Münster, Dec. 10, 1883, About the Accusation of the Talmud and Schulchan Aruch

No. 21 Letter of the theological Seminary

No. 22 Jewish Encyclopædia

  Appendix B.

Criticism to Chapter VII. (Karaites). The Beliefs of Sadducees, Karaites, and of the Reformed Jews, and also about Resurrection