By Dwight L. Moody

The Evangel Booklets

BRIEF, TIMELY messages of supreme importance, and Gospel stories, by evangelical preachers and teachers, Christian workers and laymen. Prayerful co-operation of distribution solicited. 32-page booklets, self-cover.

1. God Is Love. An appeal to the unsaved. D. L. Moody.
2. God Reaching Down. Messages to the unconverted. C. H. Spurgeon.
4. Jack Winsted's Choice. A Gospel story. Lillian E. Andrews.
5. Some Tests of Old Testament Criticism. W. H. Griffith Thomas.
6. Ruined, Redeemed, Regenerated. C. H. Mackintosh.
7. By the Old Mill. Story. Katherine Elise Chapman.
8. The Day After Thanksgiving. Story. Mrs. S. R. Graham Clark.
9. True Stories About God's Free Gift. Alexander Marshall.
10. Lois Dudley Finds Peace. Story. Anna Potter Wright.
12. The Penitent Thief, and Naaman the Syrian. D. L. Moody.
13. Adder's Eggs and Spider's Webs. H . A. Ironside.
14. Samuel Morris. The true story of a Spirit-filled African.
16. Saved and Safe. Salvation, Assurance and Security. Fred J. Meldau.
17. "In the Beginning God--" and other Talks. Mark A. Matthews.
18. Christian Science: Pedigree, Principles, Posterity. Percy W. Stephens.
19. Modern Education at the Cross-Roads. M. H. Duncan.
20. Is the Bible True? Nashville address. Wm. Jennings Bryan.
21. The Public Reading of the Word of God. A. T. Pierson.
22. "The Most Important Thing in My Life." The testimony of Dr. Howard A. Kelly, world-famous surgeon. William S. Dutton.
23. Where Are the Dead? H. C. Marshall.
24. Gold from Ophir. Homilies. Northcote Deck.
25. Mary Antipas. Story. Howard W. Pope.
26. Four Old Pals. Story. Frederick Burnham.
28. Dios es Amor (God Is Love). Spanish edition of No. 1.
29. Forethought in Creation. W. Bell Dawson.
30. Bryan's Last Word on Evolution. William Jennings Bryan.
31. Why I Do Not Believe in the Organic Evolutionary Hypothesis. James Edward Congdon.
33. The Double Cure. A Gospel appeal. Melvin E. Trotter.
34. New Light on the Virgin Birth. F. W. Pitt.
35. Old Truths for Young Lives. For children.
36. What About So-Called Christian Evolution? Wm. E. Biederwolf.
37. How to Have a Happy Home. Harold Francis Branch.
38. The Peril of Unbelief and the Danger of Doubt. D. L. Moody.
39. Moody the Evangelist. Joseph B. Bowles.
40. The only Begotten Son. H. A. Ironside.
42. Torn Bennett a Transformation. Story. Howard W. Pope.
43. Will a God of Love Punish Any of His Creatures Forever? Alexander Marshall.
44. The Scientific Mind and Christianity. M. H. Duncan.
45. Intercession for Revival. Helen C. Alexander Dixon.
46. With Everlasting Love. Story. Elzoe Prindle Stead.
47. How the Word Works. Fred J. Meldau.
48. Why I Believe the Bible. M. H. Duncan.
49. Caught. Story. C. S. Knight.
50. The Fruit of the Spirit Is Joy. John R. Riebe.
51. A Life Decision in the Sand Hills, Story. Ronald R. Kratz.
52. Love's Danger Signal. John G. Reid.
53. Pictures That Talk, Series One. E. J. Pace.
54. Pictures That Talk, Series Two. E . J. Pace.
55. Faith and Education. M. H. Duncan.
56. My One Question Answered: Was Jesus Christ a Great Teacher Only? R. D. Sheldon.
57. Modern Miracles of Grace. John Wilmot Mahood.
58. How to Study the Bible. B. B. Sutcliffe.
59. What Is Your Answer? Oswald J. Smith.
60. Deus É Amor (God Is Love). Portuguese edition of No. 1.
61. The True and False in Christian Work and Worship. M. H. Duncan.
62. What Must I Do to Be Saved? Geo. E. Guille.
63. The Man in the Well. Oswald J. Smith.
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