Lectures to Professing Christians

By Rev. Charles G. Finney

Table of Contents

  Title Page
1836 Lectures
     Chapter 1 Self Deceivers
     Chapter 2 False Professors
     Chapter 3 Doubtful Actions Are Sinful
     Chapter 4 Reproof A Christian Duty
     Chapter 5 True Saints
     Chapter 6 Legal Religion
     Chapter 7 Religion of Public Opinion
     Chapter 8 Conformity To The World
     Chapter 9 True And False Repentance
     Chapter 10 Dishonesty In Small Matters Inconsistent With Honesty In Any Thing
     Chapter 11 Bound To Know Your True Character
1837 Lectures
     Chapter 12 True And False Conversion
     Chapter 13 True Submission
     Chapter 14 Selfishness Not True Religion
     Chapter 15 Religion Of The Law And Gospel
     Chapter 16 Justification By Faith
     Chapter 17 Sanctification By Faith
     Chapter 18 Legal Experience
     Chapter 19 Christian Perfection Pt 1
     Chapter 20 Christian Perfection Pt 2
     Chapter 21 Way Of Salvation
     Chapter 22 Necessity Of Divine Teaching
     Chapter 23 Love The Whole Of Religion
     Chapter 24 Rest Of The Saints
     Chapter 25 Christ The Husband Of The Church