Christ in the Bible Commentary

By A. B. Simpson


Table of Contents

  Title Page
Chapter 1 Isaiah's Call and Consecration
Chapter 2 Sin and Salvation
Chapter 3 Isaiah's Vision
Chapter 4 Isaiah and Jerusalem
Chapter 5 Isaiah and the Nations
Chapter 6 The Incarnation Sign
Chapter 7 The Wonderful Name
Chapter 8 The Parable of the Vineyard
Chapter 9 The King of Righteousness and Peace
Chapter 10 A Nail in a Sure Place
Chapter 11 The King and the Man
Chapter 12 Quietness and Confidence
Chapter 13 The Righteous Man and His Blessing
Chapter 14 Pentecostal Outpourings of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 15 Showers of Blessing
Chapter 16 The Holy Spirit and the Gospel
Chapter 17 Preparing the Way of the Lord
Chapter 18 The Passion of God
Chapter 19 The Servant of the Lord
Chapter 20 The Servant of the Lord
Chapter 21 The Suffering Savior
Chapter 22 Christ, Conqueror, Savior and Sufferer
Chapter 23 Isaiah's Gospel
Chapter 24 The Right and Wrong Way of Living
Chapter 25 The Fourfold Gospel in Isaiah
Chapter 26 The "Fear Nots" of Isaiah
Chapter 27 Four Awakenings
Chapter 28 The Mystery of Prayer