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Lacy Park


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1485 Virginia Road,

San Marino, 91108


Located at 1485 Virginia Road, San Marino, CA 91108, is a beautiful 30 acre park located in the center of San Marino between Virginia Road and St Albans Road, and North of Monterey Road.  Originally Wilson Lake in 1875, the land was purchased by the City in 1925 and dedicated as a park.  Within the park are open green areas and many varieties of trees and shrubs.  A picnic area is often the site of musical concerts, civic events and pancake breakfasts.  Within the park are two walking loops:  an inner loop of approximately 3/4 mile in length, and an outer loop of approximately 1 mile in length.  Dogs are welcome with their owners, providing they are on a leash and that their owners see to it that the dogs mind their manners and that their excesses are cared for.




In order to preserve the beauty of Lacy Park and to insure the availability of the Park to residents and their guests, many different kinds of regulations have been imposed.

The City Council requires group reservations for civic, school, church, club or private functions. Reservations must be made by obtaining a reservation permit at City Hall prior to the time of the event and are subject to the Park Director's and City Manager's approval. Except for unusual and unforeseen emergencies Lacy Park shall be open to the public every day of the year at the hours posted in the park except Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.

The following regulations are necessary and appropriate for the proper utilization of Lacy Park facilities.

1. The park is free to all on weekdays. On Saturdays and Sundays a nominal fee is charged to non-residents.
2. Motor vehicle or motor scooters are not allowed.
3. Dogs allowed if kept on a leash (at all times) and under full control. Leash cannot exceed five feet in length. Owners  must pick up after their dogs within five minutes.
4. Fires or braziers are not allowed.
5. Alcoholic beverage or drunkenness is not allowed.
6. Shoes with cleats, playing of hard ball, or the use of golf clubs is not allowed.
7. Fireworks, explosives, archery, airguns, sling-shots, hunting or trapping equipment, or firearms are not allowed to be used or in one's possession.
8. Racing of bicycles, flying of model airplanes or possession of any motorized racer is prohibited.
9. Parking of motor vehicles must be in designated and marked areas.
10. Loitering in or around restrooms and littering of grounds are prohibited.
11. Destruction, cutting or removal of flowers, shrubs, plants or trees is prohibited.
12. Control of noise levels from stereos, radios, musical instruments or any other source will be strictly enforced.




The six championship tennis courts and pro shop in Lacy Park are administered by the SAN MARINO TENNIS FOUNDATION, membership in which affords any San Marino School District resident unlimited playing privileges on a nominal annual dues basis. Non-members may play for a daily court charge. Details on membership and fees may be obtained at the Tennis Foundation office by contacting the Tennis Professional at (626)793-1622, in Lacy Park.




The Rose Arbor at the west entrance of the park has special significance for the people of San Marino. It is 60 years old and has long been a source of beauty and tranquility to many residents. In recent years the care and upkeep of the Rose Arbor itself has been augmented by private donations from dedicated residents who have chosen to sponsor individual posts. These donors' names are perpetuated with bronze plaques. Information on this program is available at City Hall.


Lacy Park

1485 Virginia Road

San Marino, CA. 91108