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Originally spelled Angeleno Heights, Angelino Heights is second only to Bunker Hill as the oldest district in Los Angeles. Founded in 1886, it was originally connected to the downtown mainline ( which ran east to west on Temple Street) by a small spur line of the cable car and later, electric streetcar. Like Echo Park proper and Chinatown, it is known for its steep hills. The district contains several notable examples of Victorian architecture, particularly of the Eastlake and Queen Anne styles, and though found throughout the neighborhood, they are especially concentrated on Carroll Avenue. Two of these residences served as the houses used for the TV shows Charmed and Journeyman, used in the shows as San Francisco Victorian residences, and because of the picturesque nature of the neighborhood, they have served as the backdrop for countless motion pictures from the earliest days of cinema to the present. Traveling around the neighborhood, one also discovers that many other styles of achitecturally significant homes are to be found here, such as Craftsman, Bungalow, Mission Revival, Art Deco, and Colonial Revival, to name a few.

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Neighborhood Project: Angelino Heights

List of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in Silver Lake, Angelino Heights, and Echo Park


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