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Griffith Park - Mt Hollywood Trail


This is a nice walk in "the park." Griffith is the largest urban wilderness area in the US. It is a good size chunk of land, and the view from Mt. Hollywood is spectacular on a clear day. It is best to make it to the top early in the morning on a day after it has rained. The blue sky is glorious on such days, and even the city can appear beautiful.

This is a great hike for children, it is short, you reach a peak with 360' visibility. You can see the entire stretch of the San Gabriels, which are even more beautiful when covered with snow. You get to see the famous Hollywood sign on Mt. Lee, the pacific, the two valleys, and a great overhead view of the observatory.

This is a great So Cal stroll just to enjoy, regardless of how many other people are around.

Fewer people take the road, most come from the Observatory.

Trailhead: From the 101 in Los Angeles, take the Vermont exit and head North until you reach the end of the road in Griffith Park. Pass under the tunnels, then park.

There are a couple of different places to pick up this trail. You can start from the Observatory and end up there, or you can take the back way up and follow the access road (paved) for a mile until you reach an offshoot of the trail, and then follow it and its offshoots until you get back down off the trail.

There are quite a few choices, but to make it to the top, just keep going up, it is obvious. (Lat:34.1281 Lon:-118.30093)


Griffith Park - Mt Hollywood Trail

2800 East Observatory Road

Los Angeles, CA 90027