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Griffith Park - Miscellaneous Stuff


Views from Elysian Park by Griffith Park
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Dodger Stadium

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Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium

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Downtown from Elysian Park

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Metro Train Yard & L. A. River

Miscellaneous Photos of things in Griffith Park
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Autry National Center


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Los Feliz Kiddy Train
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Los Feliz Kiddy Train


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Black Phoebe

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Black Phoebe

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Black Phoebe

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Black Phoebe Eating a Spider

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Black Phoebe Eating a Spider

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Black Phoebe Eating a Spider

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Pony Rides

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Pony Rides

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Pony Rides

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A Dog Playing in the L. A. River
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Ducks on the L. A. River