Anisoptera - 72 Species

Dragonfly Anatomy

The dragonfly has a thick, straight body. They come in a variety of colors (blue, green, brown, red). When resting, they have their wings spread open. Their eyes are very close together, almost touching.


Zygoptera - 41 Species

Damselfly Anatomy

The damselfly has a narrow tail and looks much more delicate than a dragonfly. The body can be straight or can curve gracefully. When resting, it folds its wings behind it. The eyes are separated.


Petaltails - 1 Species

Black Petaltail

Darners - 11 Species

Canada Darner

Variable Darner

Paddle-tailed Darner

Shadow Darner

Walker's Darner

Common Green Darner

Giant Darner

Riffle Darner

California Darner

Blue-eyed Darner

Turquoise-tipped Darner

Spiketails - 1 Species

Pacific Spiketail

Clubtails - 12 Species

White-belted Ringtail

Serpent Ringtail

Pacific Clubtail


Bison Snaketail

Great Basin Snaketail

Sinuous Snaketail

Pale Snaketail

Gray Sanddragon

Brimstone Clubtail

Olive Clubtail

Russet-tipped Clubtail

Cruisers - 1 Species

Western River Cruiser

Emeralds - 5 Species

American Emerald

Beaverpond Baskettail

Spiny Baskettail

Ringed Emerald

Mountain Emerald

Skimmers - 41 Species

Red-tailed Pennant

Pale-faced Clubskimmer

Western Pondhawk

Plateau Dragonlet

Chalk-fronted Corporal

Crimson-ringed Whiteface

Hudsonian Whiteface

Dot-tailed Whiteface

Belted Whiteface

Comanche Skimmer

Bleached Skimmer

Neon Skimmer

Eight-spotted Skimmer

Widow Skimmer

Hoary Skimmer

Twelve-spotted Skimmer

Four-spotted Skimmer

Flame Skimmer

Marl Pennant

Roseate Skimmer

Blue Dasher

Red Rock Skimmer

Wandering Glider

Spot-winged Glider

Mexican Amberwing

Common Whitetail

Desert Whitetail

Filigree Skimmer

Variegated Meadowhawk

Saffron-winged Meadowhawk

Black Meadowhawk

Cardinal Meadowhawk

Cherry-faced Meadowhawk

White-faced Meadowhawk

Red-veined Meadowhawk

Band-winged Meadowhawk

Striped Meadowhawk

Autumn Meadowhawk

Striped Saddlebags

Black Saddlebags

Red Saddlebags


Broad-Winged Damsels - 2 Species

River Jewelwing

American Rubyspot

Spreadwing_Damsels - 7 Species

California Spreadwing

Great Spreadwing

Spotted Spreadwing

Northern Spreadwing

Emerald Spreadwing

Black Spreadwing

Lyre-tipped Spreadwing

Pond Damsels - 32 Species

Western Red Damsel

California Dancer

Paiute Dancer

Emma's Dancer

Lavender Dancer

Kiowa Dancer

Sooty Dancer

Powdered Dancer

Aztec Dancer

Blue-ringed Dancer

Vivid Dancer

Taiga Bluet

River Bluet

Northern Bluet

Double-striped Bluet

Boreal Bluet

Tule Bluet

Familiar Bluet

Alkali Bluet

Baja Bluet

Arroyo Bluet

Desert Forktail

Pacific Forktail

Black-fronted Forktail

Swift Forktail

San Francisco Forktail

Citrine Forktail

Western Forktail

Rambur's Forktail

Sedge Sprite

Desert Firetail

Exclamation Damsel