The Canon, Text, and Manuscripts of the New Testament

By Charles Fremont Sitterly

Appendix 3

Aditional Plates (All Plates in Web Version)


Plate I - Codex W. The Washington MS

Plate II - Papyrus Oxyrhynchus

Plate III St. Luke. from Drew MS. IX

Plate IV - Papyrus Oxyrhynchus

Plate V. Codex Sinaiticus

Plate VI. Codex Vaticanus

Plate VII. Codex Alexandrinus

Plate VIII. Codex Ephraemi

Plate IX. Codex Bezae

Plate X. Drew MS. 1

Plate XI. Drew MS. II

Plate XII. Drew MS. III

Plate XIII. Drew MS. IV

Plate XIV. Drew MS. V

Plate XV. Drew MS. VI

Plate XVI. Drew MS. VII

Plate XVII. Drew MS. IX