Missionary Messages

By A. B. Simpson


Rev. A. B. Simpson, founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, has been widely recognized as one of the foremost missionary leaders of the century. His messages were used of God to move the Church of Christ to a new sense of accountability for the neglected people of the world. He was an advocate for the lost before the conscience of Christian America. When pleading for foreign missions, his consecrated powers of expression by tongue and pen were at their best. Those who had the privilege of hearing him and who were won to a partnership in the missionary cause through his burning words will treasure this collection of his stirring addresses. They will revive hallowed memories of the Old Orchard grove and the Tabernacle in New York, enshrined in many loving hearts, and will strengthen the faith of those who have cherished the missionary vision through the years.


The worldwide movement which Dr. Simpson initiated is still going forward with ever increasing momentum. He built so wisely, with Christ rather than self in the foreground, that when his personal leadership was no longer available, the teachings and principles which he enunciated continued to hold his followers together in loyalty to his great objectives. Some of the secrets of this permanent building will be found in these messages. All who would become missionaries of the Cross or sharers by prayer and sacrifice in the world’s noblest enterprise will do well to study them carefully. The sermons herein printed were chosen as being characteristic of this great missionary statesman. In so brief a compass it is manifestly impossible to set forth in any adequate way the scope of the vision which was granted to him.

The chief purpose in sending forth this volume is to pass on the inspiration of these great sermons to a generation which knows them only by repute. May a multitude of lives be offered unto God for His glorious service through these messages, and may many of God’s stewards be quickened to a livelier sense of privilege and responsibility!