The Gospel According To Mark

By G. Campbell Morgan


THIS volume is a broad survey of the earliest of the Gospel narratives from the viewpoint of pulpit exposition. It consists of thirty sermons, preached to my old congregation at Westminster Chapel, London, on consecutive Sunday mornings. In each case a text was selected, and made the center of an exposition of a longer paragraph.

These sermons were stenographically reported, and are now issued in this form, with no revision beyond the simplest elimination of repetitions and asides A which, while giving force to the extempore utterance, would render the reading tiresome.

The Gospel according to Mark has its own peculiar charm, much of which is created by the bluntness and brevity of the writing of a man, evidently untrained in literary methods; and also by its chronological continuity, There is a freshness and a vigour about it, which grips and holds the reader.

In reading it we are able swiftly, but with keen and alert interest, to move with Jesus of Nazareth through the wonderful crowded years of His more public ministry.

In the very spirit of the Book, moving rapidly, but with captured heart, these sermons were prepared, and preached, and I now send them forth in this form, praying that they may help some hurrying men and women in these rushing days to go in the company of Jesus,