We, The Holiness People

By Harry E. Jessop


I feel deeply the honor which the author of this book has conferred upon me in giving me the opportunity to write this Introductory Note. Certainly it is a pleasure to commend it to all who love Bible truth.

Few men are better qualified to write on this subject than is the author, and he has covered the subject in a commendable way. For years many have felt the need of a book of this kind. This is God's doing. Dr. Jessop has covered concisely the doctrinal position regarding the fundamentals of Christian experience held by the Holiness people, and very clearly defines our position regarding the misunderstood and often abused doctrine of Entire Sanctification as a second work of grace.

This is not just another book. It is a God-given message to our generation, and I pray for it a wide and unbiased reading among all Christian pastors, evangelists, teachers and laymen.

H. M. Couchenour President,

National Association for the Promotion of Holiness