Studies in Christian Essentials

By Harry E. Jessop


The volume here presented is a series of lesson studies presenting some of the essential phases of Christian teaching. Its primary purpose is to aid younger students in their early theological work, and with that end in view the range of subjects has been restricted, while their development has also been limited.

Beyond this, however, the hope is cherished that some whose theological work has already taken them farther may find here, at least in outline, something in the nature of a thought refresher, recalling some of the teaching of earlier days.

The studies are divided into convenient lessons with suggestions and test questions at the close of each. It is intended that the student first master the material of the lesson in hand and then, from memory, answer the questions in a notebook he will keep for that purpose.

The suggestion at the close of each lesson and the list of books suggestions with each section, are intended more especially for those who desire to go farther in their studies. The books mentioned are not all to be taken as necessarily sound in doctrine; they are given simply as a cross section of general reading and are intended for those who, expecting to become leaders in Christian thought, must know what they do not believe as well as what they believe, and thus be able to give to every man a reason for the hope that is in them.

H. E. J.