The Heartbeat of Hebrews

By Blake E. Jones


While pastoring my first church, another minister and I were both called to counsel a very disturbed young lady. She was pitifully entangled in a cult-like following that taught some very strange and absurd prophecies supposedly based on the book of Revelation. I recall with some dubious humour, that while we endeavoured to help this girl out of her wretched confusion, my pastor friend made a rather bold declaration. He announced that he was an authority on the book of Revelation or at least on its prophetic content. I make no such claim with regard to the study at hand and the epistle of Hebrews.

However, I join the ranks of the burning hearts as I wend my way down the trails of truth found in this majestic book. I lean afresh on my great Priest of the Highest Order as, through His Spirit, He conducts me on this quest. The blessed Holy Spirit is my instructor and I am His pupil. May I be faithful to Him and the Scripture He has inspired.

Imploring the help of such a wonderful Guide, I step out to commence this devotional exposition. And yet I must humbly acknowledge that in my humanity, and with my acute limitations, my way may be very faltering, my perception somewhat clouded and my vision painfully nearsighted. All of this I lay before my great Tutor.

My only prayer is that truth will burn in your heart as it has in mine and that we will be able to look back over this exposition, together, knowing that God has "opened to us the Scriptures".