Notes on the Revelation

By W. J. Erdman D.D.

Table of Contents


Title Page



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The Prologue. Chapter. 1:1-8


I. The Seven Churches

Introductory Vision. Christ Among the Churches. Chapter. 1:9-20

The Letters to the Churches. Chapters. 2:1-3:22


II. The Seven Seals

Introductory Vision. Christ in the Place of Power. Chapters. 4:1-5:14

Progression. The Six Seals. Chapter. 6:1-17

Episode, or Interlude. The Sealed and the Saved. Chapter. 7:1-17

Consummation. The Seventh Seal. Chapter. 8:1


III. The Seven Trumpets

Introductory Vision. The Angel and the Incense. Chapter. 8:2-5

Progression. The Six Trumpets. Chapters. 8:6-9:21

Episode. The Angel With the Little Book; the Two Witnesses. Chapters. 10:1-11:14

Consummation. The Seventh Trumpet. Chapter. 11:15-19


IV. The Seven Personages

Introductory Vision. The Two Signs in Heaven. Chapters. 12:1-13:1(a)

Progression. The Two Beasts and The Great Tribulation. Chapter. 13:1(b)

Episode. The First Fruits and the Three Angels. Chapter. 14:1-13

Consummation. The Harvest and the Vintage. Chapter. 14:14-20


V. The Seven Vials

Introductory Vision. The Overcomers and the Seven Angels. Chapter. 15:1-8

Progression. The Six Vials. Chapter. 16:1-12

Episode. The Gathering of the Kings. Chapter. 16:13-16

Consummation. The Seventh Vial. Chapter. 16:17-21


VI. The Seven Dooms

Introductory Vision. Babylon and the Beast. Chapter. 17:1-18

Progression. The Doom of Babylon. Chapter. 18:1-24

Episode. The Four Hallels. Chapter. 19:1-10

Consummation. The Six Final Dooms. Chapters. 19:11-20:15


VII. The Seven New Things

Introductory Vision. The New Jerusalem. Chapter. 21:1-8

The Glory and Blessedness of the City. Chapters. 21:9-22:5

The Epilogue. Chapter. 22:6-21