Christian Theology

By Adam Clarke

Table of Contents

  Title Page
  Preface - Advertisement to Christian Theology
  Life of the Author
Chapter 1 The Scriptures
Chapter 2 God
Chapter 3 The Attributes of God
Chapter 4 The Trinity
Chapter 5 Man
Chapter 6 Christ
Chapter 7 Repentance
Chapter 8 Faith
Chapter 9 Justification
Chapter 10 Regeneration
Chapter 11 The Holy Spirit
Chapter 12 Entire Sanctification
Chapter 13 The Moral Law
Chapter 14 Public Worship
Chapter 15 Prayer
Chapter 16 Praise
Chapter 17 The Christian Church
Chapter 18 Baptism
Chapter 19 The Lord's Supper
Chapter 20 Husband and Wife
Chapter 21 Parents and Children
Chapter 22 Masters and Servants
Chapter 23 Rulers and Subjects
Chapter 24 Rich and Poor
Chapter 25 Ministers and People
Chapter 26 Good and Bad Angels
Chapter 27 Temptations
Chapter 28 Afflictions
Chapter 29 Providence
Chapter 30 Apostacy
Chapter 31 Death
Chapter 32 Judgment
Chapter 33 Hell
Chapter 34 Heaven
Chapter 35 General Principles
Chapter 36 Miscellaneous

Knowledge, Happiness, Communion of Saints, Fasting, Conscience, Dancing, Dress, Dreams, Ghosts, Tobacco, Wesley, Methodism, Shetland Isles, Sunday Schools, Schism, Lust of Power, Political Party-spirit, Friendship, Flattery, Self-interest, Going to Law, Suretyship, Usury, Slavery, Parable, Miracle, Millennium, Time.

  End Notes