The Way to Pentecost

By Samuel Chadwick

Table of Contents


Title Page

Words of Commendation

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Do We Believe in the Holy Ghost?

Chapter 2: The Church Without the Spirit

Chapter 3: The Spirit of Promise

Chapter 4: Pentecost

Chapter 5: The Gift of the Holy Ghost

Chapter 6: The Pentecostal Life

Chapter 7: The Indwelling Spirit

Chapter 8: The Communion of the Holy Ghost

Chapter 9: The Spirit of Christ

Chapter 10: The Spirit of Power

Chapter 11: The Spirit of Life

Chapter 12: The Spirit of Truth

Chapter 13: The Spirit of Holiness

Chapter 14: The Spirit of Love

Chapter 15: The Spirit of Fire

Chapter 16: The Fruit of the Spirit

Chapter 17: The Gifts of the Spirit

Chapter 18: The Law of the Spirit

Chapter 19: The Challenge of Pentecost

Chapter 20: The Way into the Blessing