Heart Talks On Holiness

By Samuel Logan Brengle

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 Death of 'The Old Man'
Chapter 2 Holiness: What it is not, and What it is
Chapter 3 Holiness: How To Get It
Chapter 4 Hindrances to Holiness
Chapter 5 The Outcome of a Clean Heart
Chapter 6 How to Keep a Clean Heart
Chapter 7 Holiness before the Flood; or, Do You Walk With God?
Chapter 8 Paul A Pattern
Chapter 9 Testify to the Blessing
Chapter 10

Knowing Jesus

Chapter 11 Freedom from Sin
Chapter 12 Wrestlers with God
Chapter 13 Union with Jesus
Chapter 14 In God's School
Chapter 15 Holiness and Self-Denial
Chapter 16 Spiritual Power
Chapter 17 Jesus -- The Working Man
Chapter 18 The Legacy of Holiness
Chapter 19 Thanksgiving
Chapter 20

'Don't Flinch'

Chapter 21 Faith is What You Want
Chapter 22 Practical Lessons of the Resurrection
Chapter 23 Evil-Speaking
Chapter 24 How to Study the Bible
Chapter 25 How to Prepare for the Meeting
Chapter 26 A Word to You Who Would be Useful
Chapter 27 Fools for Christ's Sake