Commentary of the Old and New Testaments

Exodus 36

By Joseph Benson


Verse 2
Exodus 36:2. And Moses called Bezaleel — Even those whom God has qualified for, and inclined to the service of the tabernacle, yet must wait for a call to it, either extraordinary, as that of preachers and apostles, or ordinary, as that of pastors and teachers. And observe who they were that Moses called; those in whose heart God had put wisdom for this purpose, beyond their natural capacity, and whose heart stirred him up to come to the work in good earnest. Those are to be called to the building of the gospel tabernacle, whom God has by his grace made in some measure fit for the work, and free to it: ability and willingness, with resolution, are the two things to be regarded in the call of ministers.

Verse 35
Exodus 36:35. And he made a veil — The veil, made for a partition between the holy place and the most holy, signified the darkness and distance of that dispensation compared with the New Testament, which shows us the glory of God more clearly, and invites us to draw near, to it; and the darkness and distance of our present state in comparison with heaven, where we shall be ever with the Lord, and see him as he is.

Verse 37
Exodus 36:37. A hanging — Which divided the holy place from the court.