Holiness and Power

By Aaron Hills

Testimony of the Worth of the Book:

N. Y. Christian Advocate "It is a strong, forceful, earnest presentation of great truths, too often misunderstood and neglected."

Western Christian Advocate "Mr. Hills is eminently Christian in spirit, and deals with the great subject earnestly and forcefully." St. Louis Christian Advocate "As a historical reference book on the subject it has marked value."

Religious Telescope "Those desiring additional light on this subject will do well to procure and read this book." Revivalist, of Cincinnati "It is able, original, forceful and convincing a battery of guns that can not be spiked or captured. It is ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE ADDITIONS TO THE HOLINESS LITERATURE OF THE PRESENT DAY."

Way of Faith, Columbia, S. C. "One of the best treatises we have seen on the subject of experimental and practical holiness. In fullness of treatment, in clearness of presentation, in freedom from dogmatism, in simplicity of style, in kindly reference to those who differ from the author and in spiritual unction, it is equal to, if it does not surpass, the best hooks we have read. The author has forged his book on the anvil of Scripture Statement confirmed by his own clear blessed experience. We wish for it a large circulation."

Reverend G. F. Oliver, Presiding Elder, M. E. Church read the book and was so profoundly impressed by it that he bought twenty-four copies to give to the ministers on his district, and writes that one of them entered into the experience it magnifies within twenty-four hours after reading it.