Sermons for the New Life

By Horace Bushnell

Table of Contents


Title Page


Chapter I. Every Man’s Life a Plan of God.

Chapter II. The Spirit in Man.

Chapter III. Dignity of Human Nature Shown from Its Ruins

Chapter IV. The Hunger of the Soul.

Chapter V. The Reason of Faith.

Chapter VI. Regeneration.

Chapter VII. The Personal Love and Lead of Christ.

Chapter VIII. Light on the Cloud.

Chapter IX. The Capacity of Religion Extirpated by Disuse.

Chapter X. Unconscious Influence.

Chapter XI. Obligation a Privilege.

Chapter XII. Happiness and Joy.

Chapter XIII. The True Problem of Christian Experience.

Chapter XIV. The Lost Purity Restored.

Chapter XV. Living to God in Small Things.

Chapter XVI. The Power of an Endless Life.

Chapter XVII. Respectable Sin.

Chapter XVIII. The Power of God in Self-Sacrifice.

Chapter XIX. Duty Not Measured by Our Own Ability.

Chapter XX. He That Knows God Will Confess Him.

Chapter XXI. The Efficiency of the Passive Virtues.

Chapter XXII. Spiritual Dislodgements.

Chapter XXIII. Christ as Separate from the World.