The Apostle John

Studies in his Life and Writings

By W. H. Griffith Thomas


The Life

While books on the Gospel usually take the Apostle's life into consideration, the only hook which I have been able to find dealing specifically with this subject is "John Whom Jesus Loved," by Culross.

The Gospel

Commentaries (including Greek).

  • The Gospel According to St. John. Bishop Westcott. 2 vols.

  • Meyer's Commentary on the New Testament: St. John. 2 vols.

  • Commentary on St. John's Gospel. Godet. 3 vols.

  • Commentary on St. John's Gospel. Tholuck.

Commentaries (English).

  • St. John's Gospel, with Introduction and Notes. George Reith. 2 vols.

  • The Gospel of John. Erdman.

  • The Analyzed New Testament: The Gospel According to John. G. Campbell Morgan.

  • The Gospel of John. Marcus Dods (The Expositor's Bible).

  • The Gospel of John. Whitelaw.

  • St. John. McClymont (The New Century Bible).

  • Expository Thoughts on St. John. Bishop Ryle. 2 vols.

  • The Pulpit Commentary. 2 vols.

  • Exposition of the Gospel of St. John. Govett. 2 vols.

Expository Studies.

  • The Divinity of Christ in the Gospel of John. A. T. Robertson.

  • Studies in the Gospel by John. White.

  • Bible Readings' in the Gospel of John. Henry Thorne.

  • Exposition of the Gospel of John. W. Kelly.

  • The Central Teaching of Jesus Christ. Bernard.

  • Addresses on St. John. Various authors.

  • Expositions of Holy Scripture: St. John. Alexander Maclaren. 3 vols.

  • Our Lord's Signs in St. John's Gospel. Hutchinson.

  • Christ in the Bible: John. A. B. Simpson.

  • The People's Bible: John. Joseph Parker.

  • The Holiest of All. Maclaren.

  • The Inner Witness of the Fourth Gospel. Keister.

  • The Seven Signs. Brockington.

  • The Life Indeed. Holdsworth.

  • Quiet Talks on John's Gospel. S. D. Gordon.

  • The Christ From Without and Within. Clark.

  • The Eight Signs of St. John's Gospel. Madeley.

Doctrinal Studies.

  • The Origin of the Prologue to St. John's Gospel. Rendel Harris.

  • St. John's Gospel. Oosterzee.

  • The Johannine Theology. Stevens (Gospel and Epistles).

The Epistles


  • Commentary on St. John's Epistles. Ebrard.

  • The Pulpit Commentary: Peter, John, Jude.

  • The Epistles of John. Westcott.

  • The International Critical Commentary: The Johannine Epistles. Brooke.

  • The First Epistle of John. Haupt.

Expository Studies.

  • First Epistle of John. Levi Palmer. The First Epistle of John. Candlish. 2 vols.

  • Exposition of the First Epistle of St. John. Stock.

  • Nine Lectures on the First Epistle of John. J. N. D.

  • Love's Keen Flame. Mclntyre.

  • Eternal Life: Expositions on John's Epistles. Gibbon.

  • First Epistle of St. John. Watson.

  • The First Epistle of John. Cameron.

  • The Tests of Life. Law.

  • Fellowship in the Life Eternal. Findlay.

  • An Exposition on the First Epistle of St. John. Morgan.

  • Exposition on the Epistles of John. Kelly.

  • The Life of Divine Fellowship. Lithgow.

The Revelation

An effort has been made to distinguish these works, but the characterizations are of necessity only partial, because the books often possess other features than those indicated.

  • Apocalyptic Problems. Erskine Hill (Symbolical).

  • Daniel and the Revelation. Tanner (Historicist).

  • The Apocalypse of St. John. H. B. Swete (Grammatical).

  • The Apocalypse Expounded. Govett (Futurist and Expository).

  • The Book of Revelation. Clarence Larkin (Futurist).

  • Exposition of the Revelation. Walter Scott (Futurist).

  • Thoughts on the Apocalypse. Newton (Futurist).

  • The Revelation. Gaebelein (Futurist).

  • Studies in the Book of Revelation. S. A. Hunter (Symbolical).

  • The Revelation of St. John. Milligan (Practical).

  • The First Century Message. Morgan (Practical).

  • The Apocalypse, or the Day of the Lord. Bullinger (Futurist).

  • Revelation. Kelly (Futurist).

  • Notes on the Revelation. Snell (Futurist).

  • Light on the Last Days. Blanchard (Practical).

  • Studies in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. White (Expository).

  • Simple Studies in the Revelation. Pettingill (Futurist).

  • The Book of Revelation. McConkey (Futurist).

  • The Seven Churches in Asia. Mackennal (Practical).

  • The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ. Mead (Futurist, Practical).

  • Christ in the Bible: Revelation. A. B. Simpson (Practical).

  • Lectures on the Revelation of St. John. Vaughan (3 vols) (Practical).

  • The Book of the Revelation. Lecture Notes. Scroggie (Outline of Study).

  • The Revelation of St. John the Divine. Gowen (Practical).

  • The Last Prophecy. Elliott (Historicist).

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  • Lectures on the Apocalypse. Seiss (3 vo-ls) (Futurist, Practical).

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  • The Book of Revelation. Milligan (Symbolical, Practical).

  • The Apocalypse of St. John, I to III Hort (Grammatical).

  • Revelation, in Ellicott's Commentary. Boyd Carpenter (Symbolical).

  • The Book of the Revelation. C. Anderson Scott (Practical).