Abide in Christ

By Andrew Murray

Table of Contents


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 . All you who have come to Him.-Matt.11:28

Chapter 2. And you shall find Rest to your Souls.--Matt.11:28-29

Chapter 3. Trusting Him to keep you.-Phil.3:12

Chapter 4.. As the Branch in the Vine.-John 15:5

Chapter 5. As you came to Him, by Faith.-Col.2:6,7 .

Chapter 6. God Himself has united you to Him.-1 Cor.1:30

Chapter 7. As your Wisdom.- 1 Cor.1:30

Chapter 8. As your Righteousness- 1 Cor.1:30

Chapter 9. As your Sanctification.- 1 Cor.1:30

Chapter 10. As your Redemption.-1 Cor.1:30

Chapter 11. The Crucified One.-Gal.2:20

Chapter 12. God Himself will stablish you in Him.-2 Cor.1:21

Chapter 13. Every Moment.-Isa.27:2-3

Chapter 14.. Day by Day.-Exodus 16:4

Chapter 15.. At this Moment.-2 Cor.6:2

Chapter 16. Forsaking all for Him.-Phil. 3:8-9

Chapter 17. Through the Holy Spirit.-1 John 2:27

Chapter 18. In Stillness of Soul.-Isa.30:15

Chapter 19. In Affliction and Trial.-John 15:2

Chapter 20. That you may bear much Fruit.-John 15:5,8

Chapter 21. So will you have Power in Prayer.-John 15:7

Chapter 22. And in His Love.-John 15:9

Chapter 23. As Christ in the Father.-John 15:9,10

Chapter 24. Obeying His Commandments.-John 15:10

Chapter 25. That your joy may be full.-John 15:11

Chapter 26. And in Love to the Brethren.-John 15:12

Chapter 27. That you may not sin.-1 John 3:5,6

Chapter 28. As your Strength.-Matt.28:18

Chapter 29. And not in Self.-Rom.7:18

Chapter 30. As the Surety of the Covenant.-Heb.7:22

Chapter 31. The Glorified One.-Col.3:3,4