The Life of the Lord Jesus Christ

By Johann Peter Lange

Edited by Rev. Marcus Dods



Title Page



Section 1. The Public Testimony of the Baptist to Christ before the Jewish Rulers,

Section 2. The Testimony of John to the Dignity of Christ, uttered to his Disciples,

Section 3. The First Disciples of Jesus,

Section 4. The Marriage at Cana,

Section 5. The First Messianic Attendance of Jesus on the Passover, and the Purification of the Temple,

Section 6. The Conversation by Night with Nicodemus,

Section 7. The Last Public Testimony of the Baptist to Jesus,

Section 8. Conversation of Jesus with the Samaritan Woman,

Section 9. The Prophet in His own City of Nazareth,

Section 10. The Nobleman of Capernaum,

Section 11. The Residence of Jesus at Capernaum. The Man with an unclean Spirit in the Synagogue. Peter's Wife's Mother. Peter s Draught of Fishes. The Calling of the Apostles,

Section 12. The First Journey of Jesus from Capernaum through Galilee. The Sermons on the Mount. The Healing of the Leper,

Section 13. The Return of Jesus from His Tour through Galilee. The Centurion of Capernaum. The Candidates for Discipleship. The second Discourse on the Sea-shore. The Crossing the Sea to Gadara, and the Return Home,

Section 14. The Return of Jesus to Capernaum from His Journey to Gadara. The Throng of People. The Paralytic. The Calling of Matthew. More decided Conflicts with the Pharisees and with John's Disciples. A Succession of Miracles,

Section 15. Preparations for a new Journey. The Separation of the Twelve Apostles. The Instructions given to the Apostles,

Section 16. The first Journey of the Apostles. The Progress of Christ through the Towns. The Woman who was a Sinner. The Followers of Jesus. The Young Man at Nain,

Section 17. The Baptist's Embassy,


Section 1. Jesus in Jerusalem at the Feast of Purin. His Conflict with the Hierarchy, and its first attempt to bring about His Death,

Section 2. The Return of Jesus to Galilee. The News of the Baptist s Execution. The first Feeding of the Multitude in the Wilderness. Christ Walking on the Sea,

Section 3. Jesus Discourse in the Synagogue at Capernaum, concerning the Manna from Heaven,

Section 4. The Feast of the Passover in the Year of Persecution,

Section 5. Jesus accused of Heresy in the Corn-field,

Section 6. The Man with the Withered Hand. Christ s Ministry in Retirement,

Section 7. The Public Decisive Conflict between Jesus and the Galilean Pharisees. Great Opposition between the Popular Sentiment and the Sentiment of the Hierarchy in Galilee. Animated Scenes in continuous succession. (The Healing of a Twofold Demoniacal Suffering, in one both Blind and Dumb. The second Calumniation of the Miraculous Power of Jesus. The second Demand of a Sign from Heaven. The Family of Jesus. The Disturbed Feast in the Pharisee's House. The Crowding in of the Populace. The Warning against the Hypocrisy of the Pharisees and against Covetousness. The Discourse in Parables on the Sea-shore,

Section 8. Accounts given by Persons returning from the Feast, of the Galileans whom Pilate had slaughtered in the Temple,

Section 9. A Fresh Sabbath Cure: the  Woman who was bowed together,

Section 10. The Deputation from Jerusalem which takes the Lord to task on account of the free Behaviour of His Disciples. Jesus distant Mountain Journeys to the Borders of the Phoenician District, and through Upper Galilee to Gaulonitis, on the other side of the Sea. (The Canaanitish Woman. The Mute. The second Miraculous Feeding. The Passage to the Western Shore of Galilee,

Section 11. The Public Attack made upon Jesus at Magdala, and His Return across the Sea to the Hill Country of Gaulonitis. The Healing of a Blind Man at Bethsaida. Peter's Confession, and Peter's Shrinking from the Cross,

Section 12. The Transfiguration of Jesus,

Section 13. The Healing of the Lunatic,

Section 14. The Private Journey of Christ through Galilee, and the Exhortation of His Brethren that He should step out of this Concealment, by taking part in the approaching Pilgrimage to the Feast. His Rejection of their Advice, and Secret Journey to Jerusalem,

Section 15. The Sudden Public Appearance of Jesus in the Temple at Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles. He charges His Enemies before all the People with seeking His Death, and announces His Departure from the Jewish People,

Section 16. Jesus begins to announce the Contrast between the Old Testament Symbols of the Temple, and the Reality of New Testament Salvation in Himself. His Testimony respecting the Living Fountain in contrast to the Fountain of Siloah, on the Last Day of the Feast of Tabernacles. The Frustration of the Purpose of the Sanhedrim to take Him Prisoner,

Section 17. Jesus the Light of the World in contrast with the Lights of the Temple,

Section 18. The more distinct Announcement of Jesus, that He was on the Point of taking leave of the Jewish People,

Section 19. The Contrast between Christian Freedom and Jewish Bondage, and between the Faith of Abraham and the Seeing of Christ,

Section 20. The Cure of the Man Born Blind,

Section 21. Jesus gives the False Shepherds of Israel the Tokens by which they might know the True Shepherd, and sets Himself forth as the True Shepherd who was ready to give His Life for His Flock,

Section 22. The Last Public Appearance of Jesus at Capernaum. Discussions among the Disciples relative to the Primacy,

Section 23. The Danger of Offences,

Section 24. An Intimation of Jesus of the Falling Away of a Large Body of the People,

Section 25. The Artifices of the Pharisees,

Section 26. The Entertainment in the Pharisee's House. The Man with the Dropsy. Observations addressed by Christ to His Fellow-Guests,

Section 27. The Train which followed Jesus in departing from Galilee. The Warning addressed to Undecided Followers,

Section 28. Christ receiving Publicans and Sinners. The Communion existing among the Disciples of Christ,

Section 29. Jesus prevented from Travelling through Samaria,

Section 30. The Sending Forth of the Seventy, and the Retrospect of Jesus on His Galilean Ministry,

Section 31. The Journey of Jesus through the Borders between Galilee and Samaria to Perea,

Section 32. The Return of the Seventy. The Narrow-hearted Lawyer and the Good Samaritan,

Section 33. Jesus First Abode in Perea, and His Ministry there,

Section 34. Jesus in Jerusalem at the Feast of Dedication,

Section 35. Last Stay of Jesus in Perea. The Discussion concerning Divorce. The Children. The Rich Youth,

Section 36. The Raising of Lazarus at Bethany,

Section 37. The Definite Resolution of the Sanhedrim to put Jesus to Death. The Abode of Jesus in Retirement at the Town of Ephraim, until His going up to celebrate the Last Passover,