The Way Made Plain

By James H. Brookes



Those who carefully read the first thirteen verses of the tenth chapter of Romans cannot fail to perceive the logical order and marvellous clearness with which the Holy Ghost there sets forth the Way of Life. It is the aim of this little book to follow that order, and in some feeble measure to reflect that clearness. Hence the Scriptures are closely followed at every step of the argument, because they alone can guide our feet in the paths of peace.

Frequently has the author, when dealing with inquiring souls, undertaken a simple exposition of this instructive and interesting passage, and often has the Lord been pleased to own it in imparting light to the darkened understanding and comfort to the troubled heart of the anxious sinner. To his blessing and favor it is now commended with, the, earnest prayer that, as sent forth by the American Sunday-School Union, it may be more greatly powered in His service, to the glory of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost forever.