"I Am Coming"

By James H. Brookes

Diagram of Events


The following diagram may assist the reader to keep in mind the order of events in connection with the great subject now to be discussed. The first horizontal and dotted line represents the history of Israel up to the birth of Christ. The second horizontal line represents Israel “redeemed with judgments,” Isa. i. 27, during the period of unparalleled tribulation, after those “redeemed with the precious blood of Christ,” 1 Peter i. 19, shall have been caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

* Birth of Christ, Matt. ii. 2.

Death and Resurrection of Christ, John xix., xx.

A. Ascension of Christ, Acts i.

D. Descent of the Holy Ghost, Acts ii.

CHURCH. Spoken of as the Body of Christ, when it is a question of life, Eph. i. 22, 23; iii. 3-6; Col, i. 25-27; and as the Bride of Christ, when it is a question of love, Matt. ix. 15; John iii. 29; Eph. v. 23-27.

RAPTURE. Translation of the saints who, like Enoch, are caught up to meet Christ in the air, 1 Thess. iv. 17.

M. Christ meeting His Bride, 1 Thess. iv. 17.

T. Period of unequalled tribulation to the world, Matt. xxiv. 21, during which—the Church having been taken out—God begins to deal with Israel again, and will restore them to their own land, Isa. xi. 11; Acts xv. 16. Antichrist will be revealed, 2 Thess. ii. 8. The vials of God’s wrath poured out, Rev. vi. xix. Israel accepts Christ and is brought through the fire, Zech. xiii. 9.

REV. The revelation of Christ and His saints in flaming fire to execute judgment on the earth, Jude 14,15. This is Christ’s second coming to the earth, Matt. xxiv. 24, 29, 30.

J. Judgment of the nations, or the quick, Matt. xxv. 31-46. Antichrist is destroyed, 2 Thess. ii. 8. The beast and the false prophet are taken, Rev. xix. 20. Gog and his allies are smitten, Ezek. xxxviii., Xxx1x. Satan is bound, Rev. xx. 1-3.

R. T. Resurrection of the tribulation saints, which completes the first resurrection, Rev. xx. 4-6.

MILL’M. The Millennium. Christ’s glorious reign on earth for 1000 years with His Bride, Rev. xx. 4,

S. Satan loosed for a little season, and destroyed with Gog and Magog, Rev. xx. 7-10.

RES. The resurrection of judgment, Rev. xx. 12-15.

J. W. T. Judgment at the Great White Throne of all the remaining dead, Rev. xx. 11-15. Death and Hades destroyed, Rev. xx. 14.

E. E. Eternity, or rather, the eons to come, Eph. ii. 7.