The State of the Impenitent Dead

Edited By Alvah Hovey, D.D., LL.D.



At the request of Christian brethren, who are familiar with the topics of religious inquiry now before the community, and therefore now Demanding special treatment, this Essay is given to the public1 It is an attempt to set forth in brief the Scriptural testimony for a momentous doctrine and to remove certain popular objections to that doctrine. It does not profess to exhaust the evidence in support of the view which is maintained, nor does it undertake a reply to all the assaults upon that view; but it simply aims to present the decisive considerations, the cardinal points of the argument, so that one who pursues the question no further may have at least good and sufficient reasons for the belief which he entertains. And if, by the blessing of Him whose "word liveth and abideth forever," this object is gained, the desire of the writer in committing these pages to the public will also be accomplished.

A. H.

Newton Centre Dec. 16, 1858.



1) The Essay was read before the Conference of Baptist Ministers of Massachusetts, at their annual meeting held in Worcester, Oct. 26, 1858. Subsequently, the Conference " voted unanimously that it would be exceedingly gratifying to them if the Author would give the Essay to the public in any manner most agreeable to himself."