The Expositor's Bible

The Twelve Prophets

Title Page
Table of Contents
Chronological Table


I. The Book Of The Twelve
II. The Prophet In Early Israel
III. The Eighth Century In Israel
IV. The Influence Of Assyria Upon Prophecy
V. The Book Of Amos
VI. The Man And The Prophet
VII. Atrocities And Atrocities
VIII. Civilization And Judgment
IX. The False Peace Of Ritual
X. Doom Or Discipline?
XI. Common-Sense And The Reign Of Law
XII. The Book Of Hosea
XIII. The Problem That Amos Left
XIV. The Story Of The Prodigal Wife
XV. The Thick Night Of Israel
XVI. A People In Decay: I. Morally
XVII. A People In Decay: II. Politically
XVIII. The Fatherhood And Humanity Of God
XIX. The Final Argument
XX. "I Will Be As The Dew"
XXI. The Knowledge Of God
XXII. Repentance
XXIII. The Sin Against Love
XXIV. The Book Of Micah
XXV. Micah The Morasthite
XXVI. The Prophet Of The Poor
XXVII. On Time's Horizon
XXVIII. The King To Come
XXIX. The Reasonableness Of True Religion
XXX. The Sin Of The Scant Measure
XXXI. Our Mother Of Sorrows