Remember Jesus Christ

By Charles R Erdman

Notes on the Signs Standing at the Head of Each Chapter


Chapter One — The Latin Cross, in early times called God's mark, is the most exalted emblem of the Christian faith, the Sign of all signs. By far the greater number of signs in the Western world are based on the shape, or part of the shape of the Cross, whether they be imperial monograms, masonic signs, family signs, chemical symbols, or trademarks.

Chapter Two — The seven-branched candlestick is the symbol of the Old Testament.

Chapter Three — The Crusaders' or Jerusalem Cross.

Chapter Four — This monogram of Christ is a very early Christian symbol. It consists of the Greek “X” signifying Christ and the Cross.

Chapter Five — Among early Christians, this, as well as many other signs of similar design, was used as a disguised Cross during the persecution of the Christians.

Chapter Six — These two signs were widely used in the Christian Church from very early times. They are Alpha (on the left) and Omega (on the right), after the passage in Revelation: "I am the Alpha and the Omega."

Chapter Seven — This is the most wide-spread and best-known monogram of Christ. According to legend it appeared in a dream to the Emperor Constantine, accompanied by a voice saying, “In this sign shalt thou conquer” The sign is composed of the two Greek initial letters of the name Christ: “X” and “P.” As a Christian symbol, it is, possibly, older than the Cross itself.

Chapter Eight — A Cross standing upon four lines which probably symbolize the four Evangelists.

Chapter Nine — This sign of Faith represents the patient expectation of salvation coming from above.

Chapter Ten — A representation of the Trinity. The triangle is the sign of God the Father and the horizontal figure hovering above the Cross is the sign of the Holy Spirit.

Chapter Eleven — The Coptic Cross, with the four nails.

Chapter Twelve — This is a Christian modification of a sign representing the orb of the world. According to an old conception of the earth, the center of the world is Jerusalem, the place where salvation came to mankind; the lower half of the orb is Asia; the vertical line represents the Mediterranean Sea, Europe lying on the left and Africa on the right.