The Pastoral Epistles of Paul

By Charles R Erdman



The vital interest of these vigorous little letters is confined to no one class of readers. Their first appeal is to Christian pastors, particularly to such as are serving in foreign fields, for they were written to missionaries in charge of infant churches in lands only partly evangelized; to such they offer indispensable instruction for daily duties, and constitute an inspired handbook of pastoral care. They are likewise invaluable, however, to all persons who wish to know the essential faith and order of the Christian Church; and their supreme appeal is to such as seek enlargement of life, and success in service. They bring us into the living presence of heroes whose words and deeds have become an ennobling influence in every part of the world. They cannot be read without arousing a new desire to "fight the good fight of the faith," to be "rich in good works," to "lay hold on the life which is life indeed."