The Summarized Bible - New Testament

By Keith Leroy Brooks


Key Thought   Number of Chapters   Key Verse   Christ Seen As:
Ministry   3   3:8, 9  

God our Savior

Writer of the Book:   Date:   Conclusion of the Book
Paul   About A. D. 63  

Christ's ministers should follow the divine order as revealed in the Epistles, for the conduct of the Church.


Contents: Divine order for local churches.

Characters: God, Christ, Paul, Titus.

Conclusion: Divine faith rests not on fallible reasonings and opinions of men, but on the infallible Word of God, the truth itself which purifies the heart of the believer. By this mark, judge of new and strange doctrines, and stop the mouths of those who handle the Word of God deceitfully.

Key Word: Deceivers, v. 10.

Strong Verses: 15.


Contents: Pastoral work of a true minister.

Characters: Christ, Paul, Titus.

Conclusion: The ministers of Christ should discharge their duties with faithfulness, being careful to teach only such truths as are emphasized by God's Word, and dividing to each person, according to their age, and condition in life, those special portions of the truth designed for their particular spiritual needs. Let all considerations of the Gospel be ever linked to those foundation truths, the grace of God in our Lord Jesus Christ, the sanctified life through Him and the blessed hope of His return.

Key Word: Sound doctrine, vv. 1, 15.

Strong Verses: 7, 11, 12, 13, 14.

Striking Facts: vv. 11-13. We have in vv. 12, 13, the A B C's of the school of grace. The Gospel of grace teaches us (1) to leave the old life (2) to live the new life (3) to look for that blessed hope, the glorious appearing of Christ.


Contents: Further instructions concerning pastoral work of a true minister.

Characters: God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Paul, Titus, Artemas, Tychicus, Zenas, Apollos.

Conclusion: The ministers of Christ are the peoples' remembrancers of their duty as children of God. They should urge upon Christians the duty of subjection to the government, the truth of the unmerited favor of God in Christ, and the necessity of maintaining good works for His glory.

Key Word: Remembrancers, v. 1.

Strong Verses: 5, 8.

Striking Facts: vv. 5, 8. We cannot serve to get saved. Our salvation is based alone on Christ's finished work which cancels guilt, and the regenerating work of the Spirit which washes the fallen nature, (v. 5) While we are not saved by service, we are saved to serve (vv. 8, 14) which is the manifestation of the salvation wrought in us by the Spirit.