Old Testament

Apocrypha* & Pseudepigrapha**

Also Known As The Noncanonical Literature*** 

 The Bible
   Old Testament Apocrypha
      These books were read as devotional material by some in the early church but not considered as part of the Old Testament Scriptures. Although some churches today include them in their Bibles, the 1st Century Jews never accepted these books as Scripture
       1 Esdras
       2 Esdras
       1 Maccabees
       2 Maccabees
       3 Maccabees
       4 Maccabees
       Letter of Jeremiah
       The Prayer of Azariah
       Prayer of Manassas
       Bel and the Dragon
       Wisdom of Sirach
       Wisdom of Solomon
       Additions to Esther
       Psalm 151
    Old Testament Pseudepigrapha
      These books were never considered as part of the Bible by either the Jews of the early church.
     As They Appear in "The Forgotten Books of Eden"
       Title Page
       The First Book of Adam and Eve
       The Second Book of Adam and Eve
       The Secrets of Enoch
       The Psalms of Solomon
       The Odes of Solomon
       The Letter of Aristeas
       The Fourth Book of Maccabees
       The Story of Ahikar
       The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs
       The Apocalypse of Adam
       The Apocalypse of Moses
     Apocalypses & Testaments
       Apocalypse of Abraham
       Apocalypse of Adam
       The Book of Adam
       2 Baruch
       3 Baruch
       Apocalypse of Daniel
       Apocalypse of Elijah
       1 Enoch
       2 Enoch
       Book of Enoch
       Apocryphon of Ezekiel
       Fourth Book of Ezra
       Greek Apocalypse of Ezra
       Questions of Ezra
       Vision of Ezra
       Testament of Job
       Testament of Moses a.k.a. The Assumption of Moses
       Apocalypse of Sedrach
       Sibylline Oracles


     Book I.

     Book II.

     Book III.

     Book IV.

     Book V.

     Book VI.

     Book VII.

     Book VIII.

     Book XI.

     Book XII.

     Book XIII.

     Book XIV.


       Testament of Solomon
       Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs
       Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs
       Apocalypse of Zephaniah
       The Testament of Abraham
       The Apocalypse of Moses
       The Revelation of Esdras
     Books & Letters
       The Books of Adam and Eve
       Life of Adam and Eve (Slavonic)
       Life of Adam and Eve (Greek) a.k.a. The Apocalypse of Moses
       The Second Treatise of the Great Seth
       Letter of Aristeas
       4 Baruch
       Martyrdom of Isaiah
       Ascension of Isaiah
       Ladder of Jacob
       Joseph and Aseneth
       The Book of Jubilees
       3 Maccabees
       4 Maccabees
       Prayer of Manasseh
       The Lives of the Prophets
       Odes to Solomon
       Psalms of Solomon
       Fragments of a Zadokite Work
       Demetrius the Chronographer

* Apocrypha - (from the Greek word απόκρυφα meaning "those having been hidden away") are texts of uncertain authenticity or writings where the authorship is questioned. These texts may have been used in some churches by were never considered as part of the Bible

** Pseudepigrapha = (from Greek pseudes = "false", "epigraphe" = "inscription") are texts falsely attributed to biblical characters or times. These books were never part of the Bible & were never considered as scripture by the church at any time despite being published under such titles of "The Lost Books of the Bible" or "The Hidden Gospels". The church has always known about them & they were never "Hidden" & could be read at any University or college. There is no deep dark secret here, just publishers trying to make a buck with interesting book titles.

*** Noncanonical Literature =  Never part of the Canon or Bible.