How The New Testament Is Arranged

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Gospels & Acts Synoptic Gospels Matthew Matthew
Mark Mark
Luke Luke
Non-Synoptic Gospel John John
Acts Acts Luke
Pauline Epistles Letters to Churches Romans Paul
1 Corinthians Paul
2 Corinthians Paul
Galatians Paul
Ephesians Paul
Philippians Paul
Colossians Paul
1 Thessalonians Paul
2 Thessalonians Paul
Pastoral Epistles 1 Timothy Paul
2 Timothy Paul
Titus Paul
Philemon Paul
Hebrews Hebrews Paul ?
Universal Epistles James James
1 Peter Peter
2 Peter Peter
1 John John
2 John John
3 John John
Jude Jude
Prophecy Revelation John
1) Some believe Luke, Apollos or Pricilla may have written Hebrews