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Notes on the Nations
Books of the Bible
Notes on Israel
     First Dynasty of Babylon 1894-1595BC
               Holman Bible Dictionary
           Hammurapi The Great  1792-1750BC (42)
               Holman Bible Dictionary
          Samsuiluna 1749-1712BC (20)
    Book Name Genesis
    Dates covered Creation to c.1780 BC
    Date written 1446-1440 BC
    Author Moses
          Abi-eshuh 1711-1684BC (27)
          Ammiditana 1683-1647BC (36)
          Ammisaduqa 1646-1626BC (20)

     First Dynasty of Assyria 1811-1329 BC
               Holman Bible Dictionary
          Shamshi-Adad I 1811-1779 BC (66)
          Ishme-Dagan I 1778-1738BC (40)
          Mut-Ashkur 1738-1728BC (10)
          Rimu-........ (4) 1728-1724BC
          Asinum 1724BC (-1)
          Puzur-Sin 1724-1704BC (20)
          Ashur-dugal, Ashur-apla-idi, Nasir-Sin, Sin-Namir,
               Ipqi-Ishtar, Adad-salulu, Adasi 1704-1698 BC (?)
          Belu-bani 1698-1689BC (9)
          Libaia 1689-1671BC (18)
          Sharma-Adad I 1671-1658BC (13)
          Iptar-Sin 1658-1647BC (11)

     Sealand Empire 1711-1443BC
          Sealand Empire Splits From  Babylon 1711 BC
         Ilumael 1711-?BC (?)
         Itti-ili-nibi ?-1683BC (?)
         Damiq-ilishu 1683-1657BC (26)
         Ishkibal 1657-1642BC (15)
         Shushshi 1642-1618BC (24)

     Hittite Empire 1680-1200BC
               Holman Bible Dictionary
               The Hittites and the Old Testament by F. F. Bruce
          Labarnash 1680-1650BC (30)
          Hattushilish I 1650-1620BC (30)

     Kingdom of Egypt (?-30 BC)
              Holman Bible Dictionary
     13TH Dynasty (?) 1778-c. 1640BC
     14TH Dynasty (?) c. 1785-c. 1670BC
          The Hyksos
               Holman Bible Dictionary
     15TH Dynasty (?)
     16TH Dynasty (?)
     17TH Dynasty (?)

     Israel in Bondage in Egypt for 430 years 1876-1446 BC

Notes on Israel's Involvement With the Nations

     Notes on the Hittites

Before the Hittite Kingdom was rediscovered, it's non-existence was often used by anti-biblical "scholars" as proof that the Bible was historically inaccurate. This all changed in the 1880's when the vast kingdom of the Hittites was rediscovered & the Bible was yet again proven true by archeology.


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