Sealand Empire
(Dynasty II of Babylon)
A second group of people who proved to be a formidable force was the people of the Sealand, a kingdom to the extreme south of Babylonia along the Persian Gulf. Little is known about these people as well, a list of the names of their Kings is all that has been discovered, but no native sources. We do know that it was a powerful nation that continually challenged Hammurapi's successors, and for a period of time controlled Nippur in the center of the plain. Because of their location in the south they were strongly Sumerian in character. The Kassites eventually conquered the people of the Sealand.
Sealand in Blue (Sumer)

The literal translation of the Akkadian name for the marshy region at the head of the Gulf and the Babylonian name of the province. In their very few inscriptions, the rulers called themselves "Kings of the Sealand". There is almost nothing known about this Dynasty. We have a Kings List, but no dates and even some of the lengths of the reigns are open to question. The dates below are a guess.

Sealand Dynasty Kings list
Kings Name Reign Length  Date of Reign
Ilima-ilu 60 years 1711-? BC
Itti-ili-nibi 55 years ? - 1683 BC
Damqi-ilishu 36 years 1683-1657BC
Ishkibal 15 years 1657-1642 BC
Shushshi (brother) 27 years 1642-1618 BC
Gulkishar 55 years 1618-1563 BC
Pesh-gal-daramash (son) 50 years 1563-1513 BC
Adara-kalama (son) 28 years 1513-1459 BC
Ekur-ul-anna 26 years 1485-1459 BC
Melamma-kurkura   7 years 1459-1452 BC
Ea-gamil   9 years 1452-1443 BC
In the region of the Persian Gulf, south of Babylonia, ruled a dynasty partly contemporaneously with the First Dynasty, extending over the reigns of about five of the last kings, and over several of the Cassite Dynasty, known as the Sealand Dynasty. The historian records for the latter the following list of 11 kings who ruled 368 years and ended when it was defeated by King Ulamburiash of Babylon.
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