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Notes on the Nations
Books of the Bible
Notes on Israel
     First Dynasty of Babylon 1894-1595BC
               Holman Bible Dictionary
           Hammurapi The Great  1792-1750BC (42)
               Holman Bible Dictionary
          Samsuiluna 1749-1712BC (20)
    Book Name Exodus
    Dates covered 1526-1400 BC
    Date written 1446-1440 BC
    Author Moses
          Moses' Family Tree
          The Twelve Tribes of Israel
          The 613 Commands in the Old Testament
          The Gods of Egypt
          Abi-eshuh 1711-1684BC (27)
          Ammiditana 1683-1647BC (36)
          Ammisaduqa 1646-1626BC (20)

     First Dynasty of Assyria 1811-1329 BC
               Holman Bible Dictionary
          Shamshi-Adad I 1811-1779 BC (66)
          Ishme-Dagan I 1778-1738BC (40)
          Mut-Ashkur 1738-1728BC (10)
          Rimu-........ (4) 1728-1724BC
          Asinum 1724BC (-1)
          Puzur-Sin 1724-1704BC (20)
          Ashur-dugal, Ashur-apla-idi, Nasir-Sin, Sin-Namir,
               Ipqi-Ishtar, Adad-salulu, Adasi 1704-1698 BC (?)
          Belu-bani 1698-1689BC (9)
          Libaia 1689-1671BC (18)
          Sharma-Adad I 1671-1658BC (13)
          Iptar-Sin 1658-1647BC (11)

     Sealand Empire 1711-1443BC
         Shushshi 1642-1618BC (24)

     Hittite Empire 1680-1200BC
               Holman Bible Dictionary
               The Hittites and the Old Testament by F. F. Bruce
          Labarnash 1680-1650BC (30)
          Hattushilish I 1650-1620BC (30)

     Kingdom of Egypt (?-30 BC)
              Holman Bible Dictionary
          The Hyksos
              Holman Bible Dictionary
     15TH Dynasty (?)
     16TH Dynasty (?)
     17TH Dynasty (?)
     18TH Dynasty (263) 15180-1317BC
          Amose I (22) 1580-1558BC
          Amenhotep I (28) 1558-1530BC
          Thutmose I (25) 1530-1520BC
          Thutmose II (15) 1520-1505BC

     Israel in Bondage in Egypt for 430 years 1876-1446 BC


          Moses 1526-1406BC (120 years)
               International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
               Fausset's Bible Dictionary
               Smith's Bible Dictionary
               Nave's Topics
               Moses' Family Tree

               Expulsion of the Hyksos
               Egypt and Palestine in the Late Bronze Age
               Sites in the Amarna Archive (Akhetaton; Tell el-Amarna)
               Campaigns of Thutmose III and Amenhotep II
               Canaan in the 14th Century: The Tell el-Amarna Tablets
               The Egyptian Empire and the Hittites
               Egyptian Empire and Balance of Power, ca. 1400 BCE

Notes on Israel's Involvement With the Nations

Notes on The Egyptian Pharaohs

Queen Hatshepsut - the adoptive mother of Moses

Hatshepsut was the daughter of the Pharaoh Tuthmosis I and Queen Ahmose.
Hatshepsut was married to her own half-brother, Tuthmosis II, with whom she reigned for some 14 years. Realizing his sister-wife's ambitious nature, Tuthmosis II declared his son by the harem girl Isis to be his heir, but when the young Tuthmosis III came to the throne, Hatshepsut became regent and promptly usurped his position as ruler.
For some reason, after the the death of Hetshepsut, all of her images were defaced & her name was removed from almost every monument in Egypt. Now Egyptologists have speculated as to why this was, some say it was because she was a woman who reigned as a male pharaoh but there were other women who reigned as pharaohs & their images were not defaced. This list includes the great female pharaoh Cleopatra. So why was there an attempt to remove all trace of Hatshepsut from Egyptian memory? Could it have been because she had been the Daughter of Pharaoh who delivered Moses out of the Nile?

Notes on the Hittites

Before the Hittite Kingdom was rediscovered, it's non-existence was often used by anti-biblical "scholars" as proof that the Bible was historically inaccurate. This all changed in the 1880's when the vast kingdom of the Hittites was rediscovered & the Bible was yet again proven true by archeology.


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