Why the Name Holy Pig


After I named my website, I received a number of letters (mostly from Australia) that wondered why I named my web-site Holy Pig. It seems in that part of the world the term has a bad connotation. In America however, the term has no meaning at all. So why did I pick the name

I named my website Holy Pig for a few reasons.

  1. It is a play on the term Holy Cow.

  2. As anyone who knows me can tell you, I love to collect pigs and at one time I had well over 200 pig Knick knacks and things.

  3. The main reason for the name Holy Pig is that in the Old Testament, the pig was declared to be Unclean. In the New Testament however, God told the Apostle Peter that he makes the Unclean, Clean. Through Jesus Christ, the Unclean can not only be made Clean, but it can also become Holy. I who was once Unclean am now Holy in Christ and thus I am now a Holy little piglet in God's eyes..