Galatians 2:20

Rick Swartzentrover


The blood stained final breaths and
  The gasping of a dying king


Dead mans bones trying self-recitation
  Refusing to accept the toe tag’s pronouncement


Lifeless devils trying to impart
  What they themselves have no knowledge of


Screaming in horror because their rights ebb away
  As the coins are placed on the dead man’s eyes


The crucified figure can’t raise a finger
  So how can he raise himself?


No manor of coxing, bribery or threat
  Can make the impossible true


The carnal figure is dead
  While my spirit dances on the fresh grave


Driving in the nail further in with every step
  Kneading out whatever life might remain


My heart has been freed from the usurpers clutches
  The rightful king is again upon His throne


The King’s spiritual surf bows prostrate to proclaim
  The old king is dead, long live the king