Rick Swartzentrover


Broken promises piled up like a slag heap
  Misdirected anger stabbing the air
Foul mouth name-calling exploding at my maker
  Spewing blame at an innocent Savior
And yet you understand.
  Because you are grace defined


You take all of the pain I vomit
  You absorb all of the venom I spew
And when the anger subsides
  And I am able to hear your voice
You lovingly proclaim that you are still here
  Because you are grace defined


Still loving me, the unloving
  Still forgiving me, the unforgivable
Still patient with me, the impatient
  I treat you like my enemy
And yet you are forever loving me
  Because you are grace defined


Theology defines grace as "Unmerited favor"
  Heaven when I deserve Hell
Life when I deserve death
  Love when I deserve the back of your hand
But when I think of grace I think of You
  Because you are grace defined