Rick Swartzentrover


High above the earth in flight like the angels
  Through the airplane’s window looking down
Seeing the earth as Divine eyes must


Clouds cover ground as blood covers sin
  Up here one can see what man had done
Razor straight roads cut through fields of green and brown


Try as he might man cannot erase the handy work of God
  City street gridlines give way to hills and valleys
Vain like rivers bisect farmer fields and subdivisions


Man likes his world all neat and tidy
  Cubical houses on postage stamp lots
He even cuts straight scars thru God’s majestic mountains


If only we could control everything, then we wouldn’t need Him
  We make the earth flat by leveling mountains
And straighten out rivers with concrete levies
  If we could make life routine and predictable
Then we could take care of ourselves in our own boring world


God creates His world with beauty not with a straightedge
  He paints rivers like veins through marble
Ribbons of trees and irregular lakes, puffy white clouds and undulating terrain


Never static, never boring, never plain
  God is not afraid of the unpredictable
The Father doesn’t require all His paint strokes to be parallel


He doesn’t need any false security from organized chaos
  To the Great Artist straightness and predictability doesn’t equal control
God is free to create anything He wishes because He only knows perfection


I spend most of my day rearranging my life into neat little grids
  Flatting emotional mountains and filling in valleys
The river of love must be kept well within its banks
  So I erect a levy of self-pity here and a dam of self-preservation there
Maybe I should be more like God and just create!