Rick Swartzentrover


It infects all mankind, and makes them go blind
  To the love that we lost, just one of the costs
Of living in a Place that has fallen from grace


Never defeated, it can only he treated
  Kept in remission by prayerful submission
Surrender our behavior to an all loving Savior


Daily injections to fight the infections
  Of tender surrender to the Holy Ghost mender
Of hearts that have died all blacked by pride


Forces you to choose, live, die, win or loose
  You must be persistent, because this disease is resistant
To the godly love you must give in order to live


What is the answer, to this hateful cancer?
  Surrender you will, and allow Jesus to fill
Your heart with His love come down from above


Please cleanse me inside from this arrogant pride
  Help me love others as if there’re my brother
Lord help me please to fight this Disease