Rick Swartzentrover


The lights go down and the words appear
  I close my eyes and you are there
No one else just Lover and Beloved
  I sing to you, the words are like seeds
That spring to life in your presence


Your Spirit joins mine in a mix of grace and peace
  The two of us now one, if only for a moment
A foreshadow of the heavenly bliss yet to be
  I see you in all your beauty, soaking in my praise


Like a proud parent watching a performing child
  A sight of perfect acceptance and love
Let the world be as though it never was
  Only let this moment never end
For I am in the arms of my lover


If I was never loved, I am now
  For you chose to spend this time with me
Words move me to tears
  As I struggle to convey my need for you


For you are my all
  Without whom there would be no reason to sing
No reason to close my eyes
  No one to love
No love to give


I raise my hand and bow my head in humble ecstasy
  Not because I should
Not because I’m told
  But because I must


For that is who I am
  The way I was created
To love and worship you
  My God, my Savior, my Lover
I praise Thee