Rick Swartzentrover


Like a ruined Cathedral on a barren landscape
  Dreams and visions now abandoned
Such life and vigor in the beginning
  A purpose only for the Most High
Now lays in heaps of ruble


Visions of wonders to perform for the Lord
  Great things to accomplish in His name
Now to dusty to be of any good
  Shards of purpose lie victim to vandals
A haunt for rodents and overgrown weeds


Great hopes broken down like courtyard walls
  Now covered with moss and ferns
His will was so clear even the blind could see
  Innocence of youthful inexperience
Lays dead at the hands of reality


The great hall is in ruins
  The vaulted ceiling now in pieces on the ground
One cross survives the ravages of time
  Beautiful images lies under spray painted scars
A few lonely pillars still point the way to God


Romanticized by those who never saw the former glory
  Or by those who can only live in the past
Rootless tumbleweeds seeking a history
  But the only history is of abandoned dreams
And hope dashed by a selfish partner