To the victims of the Nazi Holocaust

Rick Swartzentrover


Thin skinned skeletons with beautiful innocent eyes
  Faces of death to weak to quit.
Singled out because of your race, your religion
  Called Christ Killers by soulless demoniacs with righteous masks


The impish golems are a part of my dark past because I am German
  Long separated from my culture and my people
By a boat and reasons to leave stronger then reasons to stay
  And yet I am now and will always be German


I am also one of the so called Christ Killers because I am also a Jew
  Buried so deep it is all but forgotten
No hint of the long tradition, family secrets now extinct
  And yet the secrets refuse to die much like you.


I view your pictures on the TV. Sanitized for my protection
  And yet your eyes bleed through the screen
Making me loathe the German blood flowing through my veins
  And my ignorance of my other self, my forgotten self.


How I wish I had known you before your mind was raped
  And your humanity taken by the rabid dogs
Masquerading as humans, wolves in sheep’s clothing
  Mindless puppets of a possessed madman


Were you always so sad as your eyes declare
  Or were there happy times with family and friends
Birthday gifts and giggling secrets whispered in little ears
  Or perhaps crushes on the boy next door


I grieve for your lost childhood and for family you no longer have
  I grieve that my country did nothing to stop it
I grieve that my Lord had to take the blame
  And I grieve at man has fallen so far 


All I can offer is a lame apology for my blood
  And a promise to rediscover my other self
To never deny the past but remind the future
  And a prayer that it will never happen again