Rick Swartzentrover


Now faith is being sure of what we hope for
  And certain of what we do not see.
But what if the things I do not see, never are
  And I have lost all hope.


I have vowed to serve you Lord
  For all eternity, and that I shall.
If you love me or despise me
  I will be your son, your slave.


If my life is nothing but thorns and weed
  Darkness and dread, lonely and loveless
I will cling to you my Maker
  I will hang onto your cloak


If I can’t dwell in your light
  I shall live in your s shadow
If I can’t approach your throne
  I shall stand in the back of heaven


How can man live without his Lord
  To live without my lover
Is to die before I have lived
  A mere breathless corpse


To spend eternity in a wilderness of loneliness
  Only hearing faint echoes of your voice
Is better then having never known you
  For beggars can’t be choosy


You can chase me away with sticks
  Like a teary eyed boy in a Lassie movie
But I will follow you from a distance
  When you turn around I’ll be trailing behind you


For you are my life, my love, my all
  You are the breath within my lungs
You are the reason my heart beats
  Behind every thought is your sweet fragrance


I do not ask for riches or wisdom
  I don’t pray for healing or deliverance
All I ask - my hearts desire
  Is to be one with you, forever