Rick Swartzentrover


I enter your world through the open window of your heart
  Only to find you cowering in the corner like a scared little child
Terrified of being alone, scared to death of life


Ghostly shadows cast upon the wall of your heart
  Of demonic memories and goulash pain
I know why loneliness scares you so much
  For on the cross I as lonely too.


How I desired to flee the darkness and fly into my Fathers arms
  The nightmare of rejection by all I loved
And the blind eyed, repulsed stare of a sinless God


But I stayed on that cross and swallowed my fears
  Because I saw you 2000 years across time and space
All alone in your life, all alone in your walk
  And in your pain we become one


Maker and made by our common experiences
  You know a shadow of a bloody cross death
Of rejection, of sadness, of singularity


Those ghostly shadows are just tricks of hellish light
  Growing your fears of uncertain futures
Don’t you believe that I have vanquished all of your monsters?


I hold your future in the palm of my hand,
  in the deepest recesses of my heart.
He who hates you is no longer under your bed
  It’s time to rest now in the peace of my love


Pull the blanket from off your head and begin to live
  We’ll walk around your heart together and look in all the scary places
See I told you. the closet is as safe as my arms
  And under your bed is nothing but old dusty memories


Your tears are simply figments of sin damaged years
  But don’t worry because I’ll stay with you and leave my light on.
Morning will come and all the phantoms of darkness will vanish
  As I cradle you in my arms - sleep now and dream good dreams